REMEDIS – The implant technology of the future

REMEDIS is a consortium of scientists specialised in a variety of disciplines. Amongst its members are a number of renowned industrial partners. The consortium's members work jointly on innovative implants for application in the coronary and circulatory system on the one hand, and for the eye and ear on the other. Through its efforts to add a local drug release system into the functionality of implants, REMEDIS provides cutting-edge research into such medical technology.

REMEDIS is committed to research into novel implants for active living seniors

REMEDIS balance conference

at September 4, 2014
in the assembly hall of University Rostock

8. REMEDIS symposium



Viel Fortschritt, wenig Eingriff -
Stentinnovationen für minimalinvasive Therapien

of REMEDIS project

November 8, 2012
in IHK of Rostock

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Implantate: Neue Materialien erhöhen die Verträglichkeit

Movie about research of the REMEDIS partner DWI at RWTH Aachen e.V. within project part A1